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Top Questions to Ask Rehab Centers in Advance

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Alcohol. Some see it as just a fun activity to do on a casual night out, while others grow to depend on it. 

In California, about 18.3% of adults in 2020 reported that they binge drink. For reference, that is 8+ drinks per week for women and 15+ drinks per week for men. 

Sometimes, that gets serious enough where someone is considered an alcoholic and cannot stop. At that point, you may need to consider alcohol rehabilitation. 

Tennessee alcohol rehab is as good as anywhere else in the country to do so. Professionals are eager to help out people in need to beat this addiction. 

However, some people who are new to this situation may have some hesitancy about going to a Tennessee alcohol rehabilitation center. You will want to know if it is worth the cost and how effective it really is. 

Well, this is your guide for that and for what questions to ask to keep your mind at ease. 

How Long Is the Program?

The answer to this question might scare some people looking for treatment because some facilities have a longer program than others. This typically depends on the facility and what specific program you are entering. 

It can take as little as 30 days but it can go up to 60 days or even 90 days. 

Regardless of the number of days, this is something you will want to ask in advance. That can prepare you for the possibility that you are going to be away from everything you know for that amount of time. 

What Programs Do You Have? 

A lot of facilities can work under treating multiple types of addictions and not all are centered around alcohol, so that should be one of the first questions that you ask. You want to make sure that the facility that you choose has a program that is specifically targeted at alcoholism. 

Once you determine that, there are different steps you can take towards treatment for it. These include detox programs, inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, cognitive behavioral therapy, family counseling, treatment for veterans, and more. 

The overall goal here is to find the program and the type of treatment that best fits your situation. Asking this question should help you narrow those options. 

What Is the Staff to Patient Ratio?

Asking this question allows you to get an idea of how much attention a staff is physically able to give you. Naturally, a staff of 10 cannot give the same individual attention to you as a staff of 20 with the same number of patients, so you need to get an idea of if this facility is well-staffed enough to be able to handle your additional case. 

People who are entering rehab facilities tend to be in a vulnerable state and most likely will require professionals consistently watching over them and giving them reassurance. If you find a facility that does not have enough staff, their not being able to give you the attention that you need may make your situation worse rather than better. 

Is the Location Safe?

Generally, you may have to drive a great distance outside of your hometown to find a rehab center right for you, so you may walk into a situation with no familiarity with an area to determine if it is a positive environment. 

The right environment is crucial to effective treatment for this addiction because your old environment is likely a factor that puts you in this position in the first place. You need a safe environment where you can escape your old life while having the freedom to pursue a new and better life. 

You want an environment that is preferably in an open area, that is quiet and calm, has no security risk, and no people or situations around you that could tempt you to jump off the wagon. 

Do not be afraid to ask additional questions about the location itself before committing to a facility because it is important for you to feel comfortable there. 

What Insurance Do You Take?

Unfortunately, finances can be an issue for some addicts who wish to seek treatment for their addiction, so health insurance may come into play. Not everybody can afford a rehab center out of pocket, so they may have to check with their insurance companies to make sure that part or all of their expenses are covered in that situation before committing. 

The price tag for this out of pocket can be thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars depending on the treatment program and what length of stay you have in a rehab center. For some people, sobering up can mean going bankrupt or being in debt for the rest of their life, so some may choose not to proceed with treatment. 

You need to ask this to see if insurance is an option and if it is not, what is the next step you will take. 

Is There a Sober Network for After Treatment?

Part of the treatment is getting the opportunity to go into group therapy and get to know other patients who struggle with alcoholism. Some people end up forming a real bond with the overall group or with a few people that they wish to continue to know outside of the facility. 

With that in mind, it may be ideal to know if the facility can help you develop a network of people who are also struggling with alcohol addiction, so that you can work on staying sober together. 

Start Your Rehab in Tennessee at Apex Recovery

These are some of the most essential questions to ask before you choose your facility for Tennessee alcohol rehabilitation. 

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