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Rehab for Alcoholics – 7 Tips for Choosing the Best Option for You

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Whether you or someone in your life is suffering from alcoholism, your best option is to seek out an alcohol rehab center. A rehabilitation center will not only assist the affected individual in kicking their addiction to the curb but will also provide them with tools to help keep them from addiction in the future.

Of course, not all rehabs are created equal. Therefore, when choosing one, you must take great care and consideration. That’s where this article comes in.

Without further ado, here are 7 tips for choosing the best rehab for alcoholics.

1. Make Sure They Offer the Right Services

Not all rehab centers offer the same services. Whereas one might provide outpatient services only, another might provide inpatient services only. Some will provide both.

And whereas one center might provide detox services, it might not provide mental health treatment. So, while it could still benefit you, it won’t provide you with the full benefit that rehab is supposed to entail.

We recommend choosing a rehab with a full suite of services. Eliminating an addiction is not a simple process. You’re going to need all of the resources that you can get your hands on.

How do you determine a specific rehab center’s services? In all likelihood, they’ll be listed under a ‘Services’ tab on the center’s website.

2. Assess Reputation

If a rehab center has provided good results in the past, it’s bound to provide good results in the future as well. This, of course, refers to the center’s reputation, something that you need to take seriously.

Simply put, before enrolling in any rehab program, you need to assess the rehab center’s reputation and ensure that it’s going to benefit you. How do you assess the center’s reputation? Online reviews!

Use sites like Google, Facebook, and the like to scope out reviews from past patients. Read through these reviews and determine whether they’re mostly positive or mostly negative.

3. Consider Insurance Coverage

Some insurance policies will either partially or fully cover services from rehabilitation centers. If your insurance policy is one of these, you would be wise to choose a rehab that accepts your insurance. Otherwise, you won’t be covered and will have to pay completely out of pocket.

Now, how do you determine whether a specific rehab will accept your insurance? Generally speaking, you can find out on the center’s website. For instance, the website might have a page called ‘Verify Insurance’.

If this page doesn’t exist, you’ll just need to make some calls. Call up the number on the center’s website and simply ask if your insurance is accepted. If it isn’t, move on to the next center on your list.

4. Ask About Costs

Depending on their services, expertise, and reputation, rehab centers can cost anywhere from $0 to $100,000. Obviously, some of these are going to be harder to afford than others. This is why, before enrolling in a rehab program, you need to ask about costs.

Call up the centers that you’re considering and explain what type of treatment you’re looking for. Then ask for a cost estimate for that treatment. Any reputable rehab center will be upfront with you about the cost and will gladly give you an estimate upon inquiry.

Remember to factor your insurance coverage in when assessing different costs. Also be sure to verify that your insurance is, indeed, accepted at the given rehab center. Verify not only with the center itself but with your insurance provider as well.

5. Speak on the Phone

The last thing a person needs when they’re trying to detox from alcohol is to be in a cold and/or hostile environment. Unfortunately, some rehabilitation centers foster such environments.

So, how do you avoid such rehabs? One tip is to call up the different rehabs that you’re considering so that you can see how they interact over the phone.

If they’re calm, patient, and enthusiastic about answering your questions, they’re likely a fairly safe bet. If they are abrupt in their speech, reluctant to answer questions and give you a bad vibe overall, they should probably be avoided.

6. Ask About Accreditation

Another thing you should do is ensure that the center is accredited. If they’re not, they’re operating illegally and could be utilizing unsafe and unregulated methods of treatment.

Simply call your prospective rehabs up and ask to see proof of accreditation. If they show it to you without hesitation, you know they’re legitimate. If they hesitate, or if they don’t show you proof at all, you know that they should be avoided.

7. Inquire About What Treatment Entails

Not all rehab centers utilize the same treatment methods. In fact, treatment methods can vary wildly from center to center.

Now, you might not have a set preference. If not, there’s no reason to inquire about the methods that a specific center provides. If you do, however, it’s vital that you ask this question.

For instance, does the center provide mental health treatment? If so, which one does it use? Cognitive behavior therapy? Dialectical behavior therapy?

Ask about the specifics of your treatment to ensure that you’re completely comfortable with it. It’s important that you feel relatively comfortable throughout the process, as discomfort could cause you to end treatment prematurely.

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