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APEX Rehab’s mission is to not only help patients recover their body, mind and spirit through addiction treatment, but to ensure a happy, peaceful life in the weeks, months and years following. To that end, we provide the best relapse prevention therapies available, ensuring a successful transition from residential and outpatient programs to maintenance after recovery. We have a highly successful track record of treating individuals and preventing them from slipping back into addictive patterns.

Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT) is based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and aims to help the patient develop self-control skills that would make abstinence easier and prevent relapse. It was originally developed to address alcohol use disorder (AUD) and then cocaine abuse. Of course, it is effective with other forms of dependency as well as with dual diagnosis.

RPT is composed of several interdependent techniques which target to improve the patient’s self-control. In order to achieve this, several aspects have to be dealt with:

  •         nurturing the decision to stay sober by recognizing and acknowledging the positive and negative sides of continued use
  •         recognizing high-risk situations through self-monitoring
  •         developing strategies for coping with cravings and avoiding high-risk situations

RPT is useful not only in extended care, but in the very beginning of the rehabilitation process as well. 

Scientific studies have shown that RPT contributes a lot to the success of the treatment. When a group of scientists followed patients who had undergone cocaine rehabilitation, the group that received RPT was able to maintain the results of the therapy after a 6- and 12-month period, unlike the group that received only clinical treatment.

RPT can be administered both in individual counseling and group sessions. Even though the primary goal of this therapy is maintaining abstinence, it also includes strategies for dealing with relapse. Relapse is seen as an opportunity to learn from mistakes, to develop better self-monitoring skills, to identify triggers and to improve coping strategies or learn new ones.

Our San Diego alcohol and drug rehab programs apply Relapse Prevention Therapy as part of our center’s integrative approach. It is a completely patient-centered technique that is accepting of the patient and their current position in life and treatment. The principle is to work with the recovering addict so that they can define their own goals and support them in achieving those goals by teaching them how to be mindful, how to use new problem-solving skills and how to accept their own responsibility and choices.

Relapse Prevention Therapy

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