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Routines That Help Fight Mental Health Issues

A woman meditating on a lake dock after graduating from Apex Rehab.

The term “you are not alone” is applicable when it comes to mental health issues. Roughly one in five Americans battle with these issues.

That means, at any given dinner party, social event, or college classroom, it’s likely there is someone else going through a similar struggle. 

How would you like to rise above the struggle (and ultimately encourage someone else who’s still suffering)? Believe us when we say that a lot of the battle can be won when you start crafting a routine for your everyday life.

Below, we’re not only going to suggest some healthy routines, but also outline the benefits of making habits a part of your mental and physical reality. 

Wake Up At the Same Time

You don’t have to be militant about this, but try to wake up at the same time every morning. In a moment, we’ll get into morning routines, but just the act of giving your body a set time clock will do it wonders. 

This allows your body to reinforce its circadian rhythm. As such, you’ll have more peaceful, restful nights. Over time, you’ll find it’s easier to fall asleep at night and you’ll experience decreased sleep deprivation. 

Shower and Dress for the Day

No one can deny mental health issues feel as though you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. It would be easy to stay in your pajamas, allow your hair to remain a mess, and forget about brushing your teeth. 

But, that never did anyone any good. The simple act of a hot, refreshing shower does wonders to boost our moods. Taking some time to dab on a little makeup, have a shave, or put on that new sundress or checkered shirt will make you feel fresh and new. 

Indeed, one of six habits people with depression can have is a lack of proper hygiene. So, if you’re battling something along these lines, this is one way to continue building a healthy life. 

Eat at Regular Intervals

Are you noticing a pattern here? We hope so. Our bodies love routine! Now, more than ever, it’s important to give it what it wants. 

Since you’re (hopefully) rising at the same time each day, showering and freshening up at the same time each day, add in one more routine: eat at the same time each day. 

Have a wholesome breakfast filled with whole grains and protein. (Skip the sugar whenever possible.) Stop your daily activities to have a robust salad for lunch. Then, cook up some protein and veggies for dinner.

Your body will thank you for these healing nutrients at regular intervals. In fact, eating healthy foods can safeguard you against mood fluctuations. Give your body (and your mind) what it truly desires with small improvements daily. 

Get In a Daily Walk

We say walk, but what we really mean is any kind of exercise. The simplest form of exercise is a half hour walk. But, this can be anything that gets you excited to move. 

Perhaps it’s a yoga class with your bestie. Maybe it’s a bike ride along the old railroad tracks in town. Or, you can pop on a great podcast, playlist, or YouTube channel, and just go for a walk. 

To no surprise, we’re going to recommend you do this at the same time every day.

And we’re definitely going to encourage you to do this every day, especially on the days you don’t feel like doing it. Those are the days that you’ll reap the greatest reward from the release of endoprhins. 

The Mayo Clinic posted a study not too long ago stating that exercise can ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety. And all it takes is a great playlist and a few steps every day. 

Maintain a Regular Meeting Schedule

If you’ve joined any sort of support group or twelve step program, here’s one way to maximize all the benefits that come from these environemtns: attend your meetings with regularity. 

Again, even on the nights that you don’t feel like going, force yourself to go. We can promise you that everyone who says they didn’t want to go one evening walked out of the meeting saying, “That was one of the best ones I’ve been to in a long time.”

It’s a strange paradox of life that’s almost always true. But, maintaining a regular meeting schedule does a lot more than “make you feel good.” 

It keeps you tied to a support group of people who are going to be there for you in the highs and the lows. It allows you to pick up new tools for your spiritual toolkit. And it provides you with ample opportunities to give back to someone else who’s still suffering. 

Lay Down at the Same Time Each Night

You knew this one was coming. We’re also going to encourage you to go to bed at the same time every evening. This will aid in your ability to wake up at the same time each day. 

It will contribute to a healthy circadian rhythm, more restful nights, and a better-energized body. Of course, when you’re deep in the throws of a difficult time, this is far easier said than done.

Notice we said lay down, not go to sleep, at the same time each night. In this manner, you’re setting your body up for the ability to fall asleep at regular intervals once you’ve regained control over the difficulties surrounding mental health issues. 

But, the more you can do to encourage rest and health for your overall physical health, the more your mental health will stand a fighting chance. 

Combatting Mental Health Issues

You can combat mental health issues one step at a time. Know that you can live a successful, manageable life, no matter what circumstances have befallen you. 

The foundation to any battle plan, however, lies in routine. Create routines anywhere and everywhere you can. Create a morning routine. Create an evening “winding down” routine. Attend your meetings with regularity. 

And know that we’re here for you. Here at Apex Recovery, we offer inpatient and outpatient programs that are personalized for every person’s needs.

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We also offer a variety of mental health and dual-diagnosis programs for anyone looking to come out from under the weight of mental illness. 

Whether it’s depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or something different, we can help you lay down a battle plan and fight back. Call our toll-free hotline anytime, day or night, at (877) 798-4404 and we’ll help you start living a new life today. 

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