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The Most Surprising Benefits of Getting Sober

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There’s no question alcohol and substance abuse can affect your health. Excessive drinking adds calories and can cause weight gain and increased blood pressure. In addition to improved health, people in recovery often discover many surprising benefits of sobriety. These include rediscovering themselves, improved relationships, and increased energy and confidence, among others. Some of these benefits, which can come unexpectedly and provide incentives to stay sober, include:


Being sober allows you to explore your personality and personal traits/interests. You may find yourself shyer at first, but there are plenty of opportunities to re-learn who you really are and become comfortable in your own skin. Sobriety gives you more time to spend on hobbies, expand your interests, and learn new skills.

Save Money

Sobriety can save you money. It will eventually become clear how much your habit has cost you financially. You might find it easier to save and make ends meet when not spending on drugs or paying for drinks, tips, and late-night cab rides.

New/Improved Relationships

An AA meeting or rehab session is often a friendly environment where you get to share your experiences and connect with others. In addition to making new friends, you may reconnect with old ones who were concerned about your past behaviors but are now willing to hang out with you. Plus, you’re also more likely to answer the phone or show up at a friend’s birthday party or family gathering.

Improved Energy

A higher energy level allows you to be more productive, whether you decide to exercise, clean, or work a few extra hours a week. You may have the energy and desire to go out jogging, bicycle riding, or working out at the gym.

Improved Memory

You’ll remember not only the night before but important appointments and events, as well as deadlines. Alcohol and drugs can leave you in a mental haze. Mental clarity is one of the benefits of sobriety that many people are happy to experience.

Improved Appearance

Those who struggle with drug/alcohol addiction often neglect daily tasks such as showering or brushing their teeth. Your appearance can improve with better personal hygiene. Achieving your ideal weight and having an improved complexion are other benefits as well.

Reduced Anxiety

Alcohol and drug use can worsen anxiety and depression instead of providing relief. Living sober often results in a decrease or elimination of symptoms. This demonstrates the connection between sobriety and mental health.

Higher Quality Sleep

Alarm clock on nightstand near sleeping young man Sleep patterns are disrupted by alcohol and other substances. For example, alcohol affects REM sleep, so you don’t get enough deep sleep at night. Sobriety allows you to fall asleep naturally, stay that way, and wake up feeling refreshed.

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