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5 Signs of Alcohol Addiction During the Pandemic

a person looks drunk holding a glass near a liquor bottle as they use a computer

Are you running out of things to do while on quarantine? Do you find yourself drinking beer more frequently than usual? Then it is important to identify the signs of alcohol addiction. With the ongoing pandemic, sales of alcoholic drinks generally soared. Though this may only be a temporary development, the risk of people becoming dependent on alcohol becomes more evident than ever. When you develop an addiction to alcohol, different aspects of your life can go on a downward spiral fast. If you’re wondering what the symptoms of alcohol addiction are, continue reading below for five common ones.

1. Excessive Drinking

One of the most obvious signs of alcohol addiction is excessive drinking. You can classify this into two categories: heavy drinking and binge drinking. Heavy drinking is having more than 15 drinks a week for men and eight drinks a week for women. Meanwhile, binge drinking is finishing five or more drinks per session for men and four or more drinks for women. Take note, however, that excessive drinking does not always equate to alcoholism. Instead, it is only one of the major symptoms that may signal alcohol addiction. Also, people how are excessive drinkers have increased tolerance for alcohol. This means it takes more drinks than usual before you start to feel that buzzing or relaxing feeling. Incidentally, tolerance is one of the first signs of developing alcohol addiction. Additionally, you may spend more time drinking than you normally would in the past. This applies even when you’re drinking at home.

2. You Start Neglecting Your Work and Family

Another important symptom of alcohol addiction is when you start neglecting your family. The same thing goes when you begin to slack off from work because of too much drinking. Alcohol abuse can lead to spending more time drinking than having quality time with your wife and kids. It can be because you enjoy drinking that talking to your family. Sometimes, the reason is you lack sleep or you don’t feel well because of excessive drinking. When it comes to your work, alcoholism can cause you to miss your deadlines. It can also make you miss work altogether. You will have days when you cannot get up to work because of a hangover. In turn, your livelihood will suffer. You may even lose your job if you continue with your addiction.

3. You Drink in Dangerous Situations

Since addiction increases your alcohol dependence, you will crave for more even if the situation isn’t favorable. For example, you may drive your car while under the influence of alcohol. This exponentially increases the risk of getting into a road accident. If your job entails operating machinery, intoxication can cause you to press the wrong buttons and compromise the safety of your workplace. Some people even mix alcohol with certain prescription drugs. The danger with this is that some medications do not interact well with alcohol. As a result, they feel adverse effects after some time.

4. Signs of Withdrawal

Does alcohol cause withdrawals? Like smoking, alcohol addiction does cause one to showcase withdrawal symptoms. There are different manifestations of alcohol withdrawal. For starters, you will experience steady shaking or trembling. This usually happens in the morning. Sometimes, you will feel anxious or jumpy. Other times, you will sweat profusely even if the temperature is not that hot. Withdrawal can also manifest in the form of fatigue. You will choose to stay in bed the whole day, as getting up will feel like a chore. Also, you may experience insomnia and loss of appetite. You may also have persistent headaches, nausea, or vomiting. These symptoms will appear if you fail to get your drink and create a vicious cycle.

5. Drinking Despite Realizing Its Consequences

Last but not least, alcohol addiction will prompt you to continue drinking despite realizing the consequences. Your body will continue craving for alcohol and you will lose control over your habit. You may even convince yourself of the negative effects of drinking but you will never stop. Also, you become defensive when people call out your drinking problem. In turn, you will strain your relationships with the people you love.

Effects of Alcohol Addiction on Health

Alcoholism or chronic heavy drinking poses various kinds of health problems. It affects different organs and may even lead to fatal consequences. One of the key organs alcohol will damage is your liver. Since alcohol is a toxin, your liver needs to flush it out of your system. However, too much alcohol will overwork your liver. In time, too much alcohol will take a toll on your liver cells. As a result, you will end up developing liver cirrhosis, which can be fatal. Also, excessive drinking can be bad for the heart. Too much alcohol increases the risk of developing blood clots and high cholesterol. When these things occur, your heart will have problems pumping blood. In the end, you become a prime candidate for developing heart disease. Long-term alcohol dependence may also lead to brain and nervous system issues. You may develop depression, as well as dementia. It can also damage your voice box, esophagus, and mouth.

Treating the Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Addressing alcohol addiction begins with a proper diagnosis. From there, a doctor can determine the severity of your addiction. This is a crucial step to arrive at the most appropriate solution to your problem. One of the most important steps for breaking free from addiction is detox. This is the phase where you gradually eliminate your cravings for alcohol. Since this can be tough because of the withdrawal symptoms, it is best to join a rehab program. Here, you will have professionals who will guide you in attaining long-term sobriety.

Let’s Break the Shackles of Addiction, Today!

By understanding the signs of alcohol addiction, you can better manage the symptoms and arrest the problem before it gets out of hand. However, addiction can sometimes be too overwhelming to overcome. Thus, you need the right people in your corner to help you out. If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We offer alcohol therapy and detox programs that will help you break the shackles of addiction.  

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