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How To Improve Mental Health in Times of Anxiety

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The world is a particularly stressful place right now. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem in the United States, and the number of people struggling with them is rising. Between pandemic anxiety and the stresses of everyday life, it can be hard to take a breath! There are different strategies out there to help you out. Let’s go through how to improve mental health in this anxious time.

Take Time to Destress From Your Life

No matter the stresses present in your everyday life, it’s important for you to take time to wind down. Try taking a long, hot bath when you finish a stressful workday. Take a walk to get away from it all, and take in some fresh air. Plus, taking a long walk will help you get some sunshine, which will help boosts your levels of vitamin D. Listen to your favorite music for a while or binge-watch some of your favorite movies or television shows. Look into tried and true mindfulness techniques, such as meditation or different breathing exercises. They may sound silly, but they can be hugely beneficial for your mental health. Some hobbies can also help you destress after a long day. Knitting, for example, allows you to repeat movements in a way that many people find soothing. Also, make sure that you take some time away from your screens. The blue light can damage your eyes and cause problems with your sleep schedule. That’s without considering the negative impact of social media on your mental health!

Cut Out Drugs and Alcohol

It’s important not to overdo it with alcohol and drugs. Alcohol and drugs can make anxiety and other mental health problems much worse and cause physical health problems for you as well. If you’re struggling to cope without the use of drugs and alcohol, you might need a little more help. It may be time to look into rehab and addiction treatment options. If you think your problem might be advanced, inpatient rehab may be best for your needs. If you’d rather dip a toe in, try looking into one of the other options available to you.

Get Your Feelings Out

Keeping your feelings bottled up inside just isn’t healthy. It’s always important to express yourself so that you don’t get trapped in a negative spiral. One of the top ways to work through your feelings is to start working with a therapist or counselor. If you’re looking to change negative patterns of thinking and behavior, you should consider trying out cognitive behavioral therapy. With CBT, your therapist will give you strategies and worksheets that will allow you to create more positive impulses. Many people have found CBT very helpful for combating anxiety. If you’re stressed out to the max, sound bath therapy may help you release some of the tension and work through your stress and trauma. There are other ways you can express yourself, too. Sit down with your loved ones and let them know how you’re feeling. Try out writing down your feelings in a journal or a diary. You can get your emotions out in more creative ways, too. You can take up painting, drawing, collage, or other artistic pursuits that allow you to express your feelings in more abstract ways.

Keep up Your Healthy Habits

It’s important to keep up habits that improve your mental health, even if they seem silly. Get your full eight hours of sleep every night, no matter what you have going on. Drink plenty of water, and make sure that you’re hydrating throughout the day. Make sure you’re eating the proper diet, and cut out unhealthy foods as much as possible. Getting regular exercise may not be your thing, but it’s an important part of maintaining your mental health, so try finding an exercise routine that works with your schedule and preferences. Of course, if you think you’re experiencing negative physical health symptoms, consult your doctor as soon as possible. This can also help with your anxiety — it’s one less thing to worry about!

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

When you’re struggling with your anxiety, it can be hard to feel up to hanging out with your family and friends. Whenever possible, it’s important to get together with them. Your friends and family can help you work through your troubles, or escape them with diversions. Spending time with your loved ones helps you feel happier, which can help alleviate your anxiety. If you’re not up to spending time with your human loved ones, chill out with your favorite furry friends instead. Cats and dogs can be less pressure than their human counterparts, and they can still help decrease your anxiety.

Set Goals For Yourself

Sometimes, feeling like you have nothing to do and nothing to look forward to can cause you anxiety. However, setting achievable goals for yourself can help you feel like you’re working towards something and getting more done. If you’re looking to advance your career, you can set work-related goals for yourself. The goals you pick can be as simple as cooking for yourself a few times a week or making plans with friends. Creating momentum for yourself can be a huge relief for people struggling with anxiety. For an additional way to reduce your quarantine anxiety, try writing these goals gown, or putting them in a calendar, to give you a tangible way to appreciate the progress you make.

How to Improve Mental Health? Get Started Today

Clearly, there are lots of roads you can take to start to answer the question of how to improve mental health. You just need to look at your options and decide what’s right for you! Are you worried about your substance abuse issues or otherwise struggling to cope? Contact us today to learn about the journey to sobriety.   Phone Number: (877) 798-4382 Address: 2810 Camino del Rio S #106 San Diego, CA 92108

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