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Reasons to Get Sober in 2022

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Was one of your resolutions for 2022 to finally seek drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Tennessee and get sober? You’re about to do one of the best things that you can do for your health. Are you ready for it? 

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are intense, so it’s normal to feel some doubt before you start. Even the idea of getting sober might be scary to someone who’s been using drugs or alcohol as a security blanket.

We’re here to talk about all of the reasons that you should commit to getting sober in 2022. Read on to learn more. 

1. You’ll Improve Your Relationships

Whenever someone is addicted to drugs and alcohol, their relationships suffer as a result. It’s common for people suffering from addiction to isolate themselves from their loved ones, or to remove friends that don’t enable their addiction. 

Getting sober doesn’t mean that you’ll repair your relationships overnight, but it does mean that you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to do so. You can start making amends, reconnecting with people who you may have harmed, and rebuilding (even if that means that you have to start over from square one). 

Remember that your relationships may take some time to heal. Start slow and let your friends learn how to trust you again. The long wait will be worth it.

2. You’ll Have Overall Better Mental Health

Addiction is a mental health condition that’s often comorbid with other mental health conditions. Addiction will almost always exacerbate the pre-existing mental health condition, though, even though people often use drugs and alcohol to “self-medicate.”

The idea of quitting drugs and alcohol might seem scary to someone who self-medicates for their mental health. You may worry that your depression or anxiety will come back full force while you’re trying to get sober. 

When you get help and a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, mental health professionals will make sure that they’re also treating the mental health condition that may have led to your addiction in the first place. Addiction is often a symptom, not a cause. 

When you let go of drugs and alcohol, you’ll be able to start your journey toward actual mental wellness. Remember: substances are bandaids. You can’t cure yourself with drugs and alcohol. 

3. You’ll Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Overall, drugs and alcohol are bad for your health. Depending on your substance of choice, you’ve likely noticed health problems popping up throughout the course of your addiction.

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to weight gain. Alcohol is high-calorie but has no nutritional value. Overconsumption of alcohol will cause you to gain weight over time, even if you otherwise eat healthily. 

Drugs and alcohol can lead to heart disease, cancer, and more. 

When you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, you’re likely not living an active lifestyle. Exercise won’t give you the same “boost” as it did before you began using rugs or alcohol, and it may be more difficult to maintain a healthy exercise routine.

When you leave drugs and alcohol behind, you’ll find it easier to stay active and thus get healthier. 

4. You’ll Save Money

It’s no secret that drugs and alcohol are expensive. Even if you buy cheap liquor, the costs add up over time. How much money could you have spent on more worthwhile ventures? 

For many people, the idea of getting healthier or improving relationships isn’t appealing enough to lead them to sobriety. Everyone wants to save money, though.

You may think that the cost of going to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center isn’t worthwhile, but when you compare it to the amount of money that you’ve spent on your substances of choice, you’ll realize that it’s a deal. 

Get healthier while you keep more money in your bank account by getting sober in 2022. 

5. You’ll Enjoy The “Little Things”

When you’re going through addiction, it’s impossible to enjoy all of the little things in life. Your brain is desensitized. This is why people need more and more of their substance of choice in order to feel anything as their addictions continue. 

This means that you may no longer be capable of enjoying things like exercise, family time, or even the hobbies that you used to enjoy. 

Do you miss feeling happy when the sun hits your skin? What about playing games with your friends and family members? You can get that happiness back, but it’s going to take time and commitment. 

6. You’ll Be More Productive

Do you ever feel like you never have enough time to get everything done during the day? How much time do you spend on drugs or alcohol? When you’re under the influence, it’s impossible to be as productive as you’d like. 

You may fall behind in school or at work. You’ll miss out on fun events and activities. You may not even have time or energy for your hobbies.

By getting sober, you’ll find time to do all of the things that you need (and want) to do. 

7. You Deserve It

At the end of the day, the top reason that you should get sober in 2022 is that you owe it to yourself to do so. You deserve sobriety. You deserve to feel good and healthy again. 

Many people begin to think that they’re no longer worthy of help when they’re too deep in their addictions. This isn’t true. 

It’s Time To Visit A Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

2022 is the year that you finally get sober and take your life back. You can improve your relationships, improve your physical and mental health, save money, and more. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

If you’re ready to start your healing journey, we want to help you. Contact Apex Recovery to start your path toward sobriety today.

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