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A Rise in Alcohol Abuse in the U.S.

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Did you know that an increase in alcohol consumption lasting one year or more could lead to up to 35 percent additional mortality?  

For many Americans, the pandemic has led to major lifestyle changes, including the adoption of dangerous and unsustainable coping strategies. Here at APEX Recovery Alcohol Treatment Centers San Diego, we’ve seen the influx of alcohol abuse firsthand. Like it or not, we have all experienced a paradigm shift, and the whole country is struggling to find its footing. 

What has changed for you since the pandemic began? What has stayed the same? What have you lost?

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction during this transition, it’s time to think about exploring rehab centers in San Diego. 

We’ve created this guide to help you better understand the national rise in substance abuse and alcohol-related deaths. Keep reading to learn more about this quiet crisis, as well as how to seek out San Diego Alcohol Rehabilitation services.  

The Rise in Alcohol Abuse

According to a recent survey, one in five Americans has reported an increase in alcohol use since March of 2020. Many of these individuals were already struggling with substance abuse or addiction before the lockdown began. With treatment options limited, many found themselves more isolated than usual and began using alcohol or other substances to cope. 

This makes sense, as the daily patterns of life have shifted for many. We have new routines, new jobs, and new wounds to tend. While many were once waiting for things to “return to normal,” it has become clear that they might not. 

Meanwhile, the new negative habits persist. The following circumstances have led many Americans to begin to rely on alcohol:

  • The loss of a job
  • The inability to pay rent
  • The loss of a loved one
  • Lockdown or work-from-home related isolation
  • Overall financial struggles
  • A general sense of misdirection
  • An increase in mental health symptoms
  • Anxiety about the future
  • Lack of access to other activities

In many cases, a nightly drink “to relax” has turned into a new nightly ritual. Some individuals report stepping away from the things they once loved to prioritize drinking. As financial burdens and travel restrictions continue, much of this abuse has occurred in isolation. 

The key to flourishing in these conditions is breaking the unhealthy patterns safely. Typically, that means consenting to help from qualified addiction recovery specialists at rehab centers. This often begins with a safe, supervised detox

The Impact of Alcohol Abuse So Far

It can be challenging to gauge exactly how pervasive alcohol abuse has become across the country. This is because much of the research relies on self-reporting of alcohol use. It is not unusual for individuals to conceal their difficulties out of shame or fear. 

Even so, we have access to statistics based on the trends that doctors have observed so far. Doctors and researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital estimate that the increase in pandemic drinking might cause as many as 8,000 additional deaths by 2040. It may also lead to 1,000 additional cases of liver cancer and 18,700 cases of liver failure. 

You do not have to become a statistic. If you seek help from qualified rehab centers in San Diego, you can develop positive coping strategies and live a sober life. 

How San Diego Rehab Centers Can Help

Every person that you encounter is also learning how to live in our changing world. The one thing that has stayed consistent are the techniques and protocols used to efficiently and effectively treat alcoholism. At APEX Recovery, you will experience the best evidence-based treatment in a high-end, luxury setting.

All of the programming at APEX recovery is holistic and geared toward the individual. Our professionals will address the core of your struggles and create a treatment plan based on your lived experiences. They will treat your body as well as your mind, with comfort and tranquility at the forefront. 

Monotony is a major factor contributing to substance abuse today. Coming to stay with us at APEX will break your routine. Allow us to manage your comfort so you can focus on building new, positive habits in a relaxing, safe environment. 

What to Expect in Rehab for Alcohol at APEX

At APEX, our residential treatment program offers the highest level of care. You’ll stay with us for one to three months. We even offer thorough aftercare services so you will still have our full support after you have completed the program. 

Your day will include elements such as:

  • Group therapy sessions led by experienced mental health professionals
  • Individual therapy sessions focused on your specific needs
  • Nonjudgemental peer support from other individuals in treatment
  • Relaxing, creative art therapy sessions 
  • Playful and fun “rock to recovery” music therapy sessions
  • “Radical Alive” movement driven holistic therapy
  • Therapeutic massage 
  • Three fresh, organic meals per day 
  • Time to work out, swim, and visit the spa 
  • Rest and relaxation in our luxury accommodations

While you stay with us, you’ll have the full support of our on-site addiction physicians. You will be safe, supported, and encouraged. Sometimes the first step toward wellness is walking away from the chaos of your everyday life and allowing yourself the time and space to heal. 

Visit APEX Recovery Alcohol Treatment Centers San Diego

The world has changed, and our need for positive coping strategies has shifted along with it. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, it isn’t too late to explore San Diego rehab centers and seek out the help you deserve. Long-term recovery is possible, but the first step is alcohol rehab. 

The professionals at APEX Recovery Alcohol Treatment Centers San Diego are ready to help you address the root of your struggles. Our holistic, boutique-style treatment will ensure that you grow in comfort. We don’t accept Medi-Cal at this time but do accept self-pay options.

Contact our admissions representatives to get started today. 

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