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Overcoming addiction is no easy task. At APEX, we understand your struggle. That’s why we want to make recovery as simple as possible for all of our patients. When patients work with APEX, they’re assigned a treatment coordinator who manages their case from inception through treatment and post-discharge. Your treatment coordinator will handle all paperwork, work with your insurance company and ensure you are getting the best possible treatment.

Treatment coordinators are experienced and qualified individuals who have the ability to relate to the patient, build trust and support them in their transformation. They are the patients’ unique assistants who help them navigate the recovery process until they can find their own way.

Having a treatment coordinator in alcohol or drug rehab in San Diego has multiple advantages. First of all, this person handles administration and coordinates all the various elements of care. They also manage the patients’ insurance providers and work for the best interest of the patient, who is typically not able to take on this responsibility.

Treatment coordinators are also a single point of contact for the patient to access all services available. These professionals provide a single, well-structured service that facilitates the rehabilitation and extended care for the client and adds a sense of continuity.  

Case managers, as they are also called, serve as a single point of contact for the family as well. They provide support to the family and friends by providing them relevant information regarding the process of rehabilitation and the specific services available. They can also mediate between the family and therapists and in that way, include the family more in the patient’s recovery.

Case manager responds to the patient’s needs and thus, engages the patient more in the recovery. They also work as additional support and a certain role model for the patient. Their pragmatic skills can implicitly teach the patient how to handle the practical things after rehabilitation.

Finally, treatment coordinators have an anticipatory role. Because they are well familiar with the recovery process and because they grow to know the patient well, they can anticipate which problems or issues are likely to emerge and then work with the patient and the staff to handle those issues effectively.

APEX Rehab is one of the leading addiction treatment centers in San Diego, seeking to provide an all-rounded addiction recovery care of unparalleled quality. We have developed programs and procedures that streamline the recovery process and allow the patient to access all the treatments they could benefit from quickly and effortlessly.

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