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What to Expect from Your First Session of Family Therapy

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Many things can cause family relationships to deteriorate. Family counseling offers hope to families who believe their relationships are beyond repair. However, the prospect of entering counseling for the first time can be daunting. Here’s what to expect from a first therapy session.

Questions and Answers

A goal of family therapy is to gain an understanding of each member’s personality, health, goals, and other attributes. So, the first session will be a time for exchanging information. Family members will have to complete intake forms that answer medical, lifestyle, or other questions. In addition, the therapist will likely meet with each person separately to ask questions. This will help them determine which course of therapy will be most beneficial. It’s also a time to get to know the therapist and build trust. However, actual treatment will likely not begin at this time. Each family member can prepare for initial and subsequent sessions by recording their expectations, questions, and problems they wish to address in therapy.

Rules, Topics and How to Prepare

Most therapists will set rules at the first visit for families to follow. This includes speaking calmly and respectfully and avoiding arguments wherever possible. These rules can be challenging, especially considering the difficult topics that therapy will address, but keeping an open mind and working together toward the common goal of healthy relationships is what therapy is about. Apex Recovery’s family therapy programs help rebuild and strengthen family bonds. To begin your healing journey, call (877) 798-4404.

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