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When Is It Time to Seek Family Therapy?

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Families who need help with conflict resolution and communication can benefit greatly from marriage and family counseling—but how can you know if it’s time for your family to take this step? Here are some signs that can indicate family counseling may be needed.

Personal Symptoms

Intensely negative emotions regarding your family can grow and become unhealthy for everyone. If you are feeling as though the issues in your family have become bigger than what you feel you can deal with, this can indicate a need for family therapy. Feeling emotionally exhausted and unhappy on a consistent basis when around your family is another sign that outside help will be of benefit.

Behavioral Changes

In addition to personal symptoms, you may have noticed a change in your own behavior or that of a family member. Children who once excelled in school but are no longer doing well can be a sign that it’s time to seek therapy. The same is true if family members have withdrawn or stopped communicating or if arguments have become explosive.

Violence or Substance Abuse

Violence, whether carried out or threatened, as well as substance abuse problems and eating disorders are all signs that a family needs to seek therapy with a counselor. Families need resiliency and stability to thrive. Apex Recovery’s individual and family therapy treatment programs can help families to repair and deepen their relationships. If your family is experiencing the signs above, call (877) 798-4404 today to begin your healing journey.

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