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Is It Normal for People with Alcohol Addiction to Lie?

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One of the most painful aspects of having a loved one addicted to alcohol is being lied to by them—is this normal? Yes. For an alcoholic, this can be a reality. As a result, lying becomes a way of life for those needing alcohol rehab.

Why Do They Lie?

Alcohol has a profound impact on the brain. Once addicted, many will make alcohol their first priority. As a result, prioritizing the truth is no longer important to them. Alcohol also lessens a person’s ability to analyze and be objective about their thoughts and to make decisions. As addiction sets in and guilt begins to mount, a person will feel the need to lie even more about where they’ve been and what they’ve been doing because they don’t want anyone to know. Eventually, lying becomes second nature.

The Psychology of Lying

Someone struggling with an alcohol addiction may rationalize, dismiss, or blame others. They may hide their behavior, compare their drinking to others, become defensive, or agree to enter alcohol treatment in Tennessee, but then never do it. These are all forms of lying.

Damaged Relationships

Lying takes a toll on every relationship an addicted individual has. It causes trust to be lost with spouses, friends, and managers, which can cause irreparable damage. No relationship is unharmed when one is addicted. Alcohol treatment programs in Tennessee offered by Apex Recovery can help you or your loved one recover; call (877) 881-2689 to learn more today.

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