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What Are the Signs of a Self-Harming Addiction to Alcohol?

Sometimes, a person will drink to take the edge off, but, when alcohol is being used as a way to punish themselves, alcohol addiction can be the result. Here are some signs that it may be time to seek drug treatment in Tennessee.


If you’ve noticed your loved one becoming ambivalent, this can be a sign of self-harm. If they speak of getting into fights and arguments frequently when drinking, this may indicate a developing addiction.

Underlying Mental Health Conditions

Eating disorders, anxiety, and depression all have a strong link to alcohol addiction. A person may choose to self-medicate with alcohol instead of getting San Diego drug and alcohol treatment.

Risky Choices

Feeling chronically unworthy or insecure may lead to using alcohol as a gateway to riskier behavior. Some of these include unprotected sex, sharing needles, or engaging in dangerous activities which can cause them physical harm.

Blacking Out

If your loved one has been drinking and can’t remember what happened, they may be experiencing blackouts, which are caused by consuming high amounts of alcohol.

Abandoned Responsibilities

Ended relationships and problems at work and in other social situations can lead to feelings of inadequacy and the urge to drink. If your loved one has abandoned their life responsibilities in favor of drinking, this is also a sign of addiction. Apex Recovery’s intensive alcohol treatment programs in San Diego help clients get to the root of their addiction. Learn more. Call today: (877) 881-2689.

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