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Massage & Acupressure Therapy


For the average adult, there are numerous benefits of massage and acupressure therapy. For the patient recovering from addiction, these benefits are multiplied. Offering more than just relaxation, massage and acupressure can go a long way in helping a patient heal from their addictions. Our certified massage therapists bring years of experience in alternative treatment methods to our patients. Massage has been proven to aid the body in detoxification and help to alleviate anxiety and depression. These therapies also reduce stress, which is a key component to successful recovery. Patients who do not address stress as part of their treatment are more likely to abuse again, in the hopes of easing those thoughts and feelings.

Addictions of all kinds leave a mark, temporary or permanent, on the body. The chemicals abused rewire the brain’s mechanisms for producing the feelings of calm, pleasure and joy, but they also impair physical health. Alcohol and substances increase blood pressure and pulse rate and they can also damage internal organs. Indirectly, the abuse has a detrimental effect on the body metabolism, because a typical addict will lead a life that revolves around obtaining the substance and completely disregard proper nutrition, sleep and exercise.

Massage and acupressure in our San Diego alcohol and drug rehab will be used strategically by our massage specialists to improve the blood flow, boost the immune system, exfoliate the skin and aid the body in getting rid of toxins.

Massage and acupressure don’t only alleviate physical pain – they can also relieve emotional pain. Emotional pain is stored in the body. Stresses and traumatic experiences almost invariably cause muscles to contract and harden, turning the body into an armor that protects the fragile and vulnerable inner self. When that happens, energy cannot flow freely and if that perpetuates, health issues arise. With these alternative practices, the individual can get in touch with the wounded parts of themselves and work through the pain to heal. That also makes the individual more aware and engaged in counseling and psychotherapy.

These ancient techniques are highly beneficial in addiction recovery. Substance abuse is unfailingly an attempt to avoid pain and induce pleasure. Having massages and acupressure sessions provide healthy ways of easing pain and venting tension.

They also work in the opposite direction from alcohol and substances. Since users want to escape something, often their own body, massage and acupressure allow them to reconnect with themselves in the present moment.

There are also tried and tested points on the body that, when stimulated through pressure, improve stability, reduce cravings and strengthen self-esteem and willpower – which are vital in maintaining sobriety.

Massage & Acupressure Therapy

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