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Discharge Planning & Placement Treatment

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At APEX, our mission is to help every patient recover from addiction and live their best life. In doing so, we take care of patients in every step of their recovery process. For residential patients, this may mean continuing to work with our therapists through outpatient treatment, group counseling or our sober living programs, among others. We strive to provide our patients with the best ongoing care, realizing that sobriety is a lifelong challenge. 

Even though every rehabilitation program is specially adapted to the patient’s needs, one thing is in common for all programs – the hope and plan that the patient will be discharged. It may sound counter-intuitive, but plans for discharge are made at the beginning of the recovery.

We put a lot of effort into carefully designing and refining the discharge plans as the rehabilitation process advances, because that way we ensure the best possible support for the patient once they leave the safe environment of our alcohol and drug rehab in Tennessee.

During rehabilitation, patients prepare for the life ahead of them, but when that stage comes readjusting can be challenging. The first few months are especially risky for relapse and that’s why well-envisioned discharge plans are crucial. Patients need something solid to hold on to after they leave the “safety zone” of our Tennessee alcohol and drug rehab. They know what is waiting for them when they return to their normal life. 

Residential patients typically continue treatment through our outpatient programs, where they can get further counseling and psychotherapy. This aftercare, also called continued or extended care, takes place after the completion of the rehabilitation program. Patients enter it when they are generally able to function in the outside world, but they need ongoing support through adhering to the discharge plan and working with therapists.

The patient’s treatment coordinator and the team of professionals the patient has worked with work on building a plan that takes into account specific risks, as well as the strengths and needs of the individual, family and community. The plan also promotes the patient’s and the family’s resilience, commitment to recovery and inclusion in community life.

Once the patient is in aftercare or sober living program, family and fulfilling relationships become the primary stronghold that guards against relapse. However, it’s important to understand that it’s not only the patient who needs a helping hand in this stage, but the family as well. APEX Rehab provides counseling services for families and couples so that everyone’s needs are communicated and addressed in the complex process of addiction recovery.

Discharge Planning & Placement Treatment

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