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Medical Detox

Medical Detox Center

Medically assisted detox is a critical and oftentimes frightening part of the alcohol and drug addiction recovery process. Before starting our core clinical programs, it is imperative that all of the toxins are cleansed from one’s body and that a level of health, safety and comfort have occurred. This is not a step in the process in which patients or their loved ones can afford to cut corners, because the patients’ experience of this stage can and usually will affect the success of the overall outcome.

There are many possibilities for detox care during rehabilitation. It often happens that patients try to go through detox on their own or only with the support of a loved one. However, an inadequate or poorly managed detox program can cause patients unnecessary physical damage. Unfortunately, when an individual in need of an addiction treatment experiences the ordeal of withdrawal without the firm and compassionate support of a physician, they are often discouraged from pursuing rehabilitation further or they fail to stay sober for good.

That’s why our detox program is essentially different. It is guided and controlled by our highly skilled and experienced addiction physician consultant.

Medical Detox Treatment Includes:

APEX Rehab’s treatment facility offers onsite, medically supervised detox. Our addiction physician consultant is an expert at detoxing the human body. He is gentle, compassionate, and extremely safe when working with the clientele that come to our facility with detox needs from alcohol, benzodiazepines, heroin, or other opiate drug use. Our detox staff are trained to help assist in the process and make it as comfortable for the patient as possible.

We provide around-the-clock supervision, vital checks, and provide exertional and safe care while individuals detox with us. Such controlled conditions make for the best results. To support the process, we also have diets that are tailored to the body’s rapidly changing needs when undergoing this treatment. Our detox room is private and graciously accommodated to provide each individual the serene environment they require to detox fully.

We are aware that detoxing from drugs, opiates and alcohol is a difficult hurdle to clear in the process of recovery. Our medically assisted detox treatment helps people do this comfortably and safely. Our approach also encourages them to continue with their rehabilitation. The goal at APEX is to remove obstacles that stand in the way of full recovery. By providing the body an opportunity to escape the clutches of drug and alcohol abuse we ensure our participants enter a new beginning, safe from the fear the cycle of withdrawal can bring. While this process is short lived, it is crucial, and one that APEX Rehab is proud to provide.

Medical Detox Program

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