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Opioid Addiction Treatment Programs: What Are the Benefits?

The ongoing pandemic has led to an increase in people turning to opioids to cope. Tragically, this led to a 28.5% increase in drug overdose deaths in the year ending April 2021. Over 75,000 of these were due to opioids. 

Have you been struggling with opioid use during this unprecedented time in history? Take comfort in knowing that opioid addiction treatment programs can help.

Time at a rehab center can help you to break free of the grip of opioids. It can give you the tools to take control of your life and break the cycle of addiction.

Let’s explore what opioid addiction treatment programs are and how they can benefit you.

What Are Opioid Addiction Treatment Programs?

There are several types of opioid addiction treatment programs. These include:

  • Medications prescribed by your doctor, such as methadone and suboxone
  • Counseling 
  • Medication-Assisted Therapy
  • Residential drug rehab programs
  • Hospital-based programs

Many people find that time in a rehab treatment facility gives them an opportunity to focus on their recovery. Outpatient treatment programs can also be effective if you are not able to commit to a full-time program.

The Benefits of Opioid Addiction Treatment Programs

Accessing an inpatient opioid addiction treatment program is a great way to get support for your addiction. Drug rehab uses a variety of techniques, tailored to the individual. This can include medication, counseling, and a medically supervised detox.

Safe Place to Detox

A recent study on opioid withdrawal syndrome highlighted that it can be a life-threatening condition. Trying to detox on your own is very dangerous. 

You need proper medical supervision, usually accompanied by medications. This will ease the withdrawal and symptoms such as nausea and diarrhea.

The same study noted that rehabilitation care after detox is required in most cases. 

As soon as you arrive at a rehab center for opioid addiction treatment, a doctor will oversee your detox program. He or she will decide on the right medications for you. During the process, they will continually monitor your progress and adjust your medications as needed.

Detoxing in a dedicated rehab facility is a safe and comfortable experience. The entire team is well trained and there to support you through the process. The facility is welcoming and you’re away from the pressures and responsibilities of home. 

The effects of opioid withdrawal can last for about a week. People often experience strong desires to use again.

Working through these feelings in the safe environment of a drug rehab facility is the best way to get through it. You’ll emerge stronger and ready for the next stage in your recovery.

Away from Triggers

Outpatient treatment can be effective, but it requires a high level of self-control.

When you’re in your home environment, you’re more likely to connect with old friends and get back into old habits. Rehab treatment is different because it physically removes you from contact with those people for a time.

Even your home and the objects around you can be triggers for opioid use. There could be objects that you connect with your opioid use in your mind. 

There are also lots of internal triggers associated with being at home. These include wanting to fit in with your peer group and emotional challenges such as anxiety and depression. You can reduce your chances of relapsing by completing treatment for opioids away from home.

Time to Focus on Your Recovery

We love our homes and families, but daily life can put us under a lot of pressure.

For many of us, it means juggling work commitments with raising kids, running a home, and possibly senior care responsibilities. It’s a lot and it can make it hard to focus on ourselves.

Completing a drug rehab program in a treatment center gives you some much-needed me-time. You may have limited access to phone calls and visits because the focus is on giving you time away from triggers to recover. 

You also don’t need to go it alone or figure things out for yourself. You’ll be surrounded by a team of experienced medical professionals. You can rely on them and access support 24 hours a day. 

There will be a structure to your recovery that’s not possible to replicate at home.

Focused Support

During your time in rehab, you’ll be with others who know what you’re going through. That includes both staff and peers. In rehab, you’re surrounded by a supportive network of other people who are going through the same thing.

You’ll have the chance to participate in structured support sessions. It will be helpful to know that you’re not the only one and to support and encourage one another. The connections you make may form part of your ongoing support network.

Identify and Treat Cofactors

Opioid addiction does not come of out nowhere. There are usually cofactors that lead to drug abuse starting in the first place and require treatment.

Often people’s first experience with opioids is via legitimate pain management. Maybe you’ve had surgery and were prescribed opioids for the pain.

Anxiety, stress, and depression can also cause people to start using opioids to take the edge off their feelings. Other underlying mental health disorders can also be at play.

To effectively treat your addiction, it’s important to identify and begin treatment for these issues as well. This will give you the tools to manage your triggers effectively so that you are less likely to relapse in the future.

Beat Your Opioid Addiction at Apex Recovery

If your opioid has progressed to the point of addiction, opioid addiction treatment programs are a lifeline.

They give you a chance to detox in a safe, supervised environment. Then you’ll have tailored counseling, peer support, and specific help to avoid triggers and live a sober life moving forward. 

At Apex Recovery, our inpatient and outpatient programs can help you take the first steps on your journey to sobriety. We tailor our programs to meet your needs. Our beautiful facilities in southern California are the ideal place to take time away to tackle your issues.

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