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Rehab Environment

The beautiful Mt. Helix neighborhood has long been a highly sought-after area to live in San Diego. It is well-known for its historic stone amphitheater, which provides 360° degree view of San Diego region. To the west there are views from Mexico up the coast to the Coronado Bridge, the downtown skyline, and continuing to La Jolla. To the east you see the beautiful mountain range that goes as far as the eye can see. Some of the homes on Mt. Helix date back almost to 1900 and are designated historic. The diverse styles of architecture and time frame in which the neighborhood evolved, gives Mt. Helix an eclectic quality that is one of a kind. Architecture, location, panoramic views, privacy, and style are just a few of the qualities that draw people to this unique part of San Diego.

When you arrive as APEX Rehab’s Mt. Helix homes, the unique presence of the properties are evident. The bamboo, the hand laid brick paths and courtyards, the tropical landscaping, the view, the privacy, and the overall sensitivity of the property are undeniable. The homes boast large pools and Jacuzzis for recreation or exercise and multiple private sitting areas for fellowship amongst residents, or private meditation. Above all, it conveys the ultimate feeling of safety and privacy, which allows our residents to settle in and focus on building a strong foundation in recovery.

The homes are as unique as the property and location. Large windows flank the living room with a beautiful interior courtyard on one side and an amazing view of the neighborhood and Mt. Miguel on the other. With the elevated foundation, the homes hover over the large swimming pools in the back and feels perfectly perched on the side of Mt. Helix.

The interior of the homes play an important role in the comfort of our residents. Our goal was to provide a space that is comfortable, inviting, homey and unique. Colorful artwork hangs everywhere. Eclectic furnishings add to the inspiring element APEX Rehab possesses. Large chalk boards hang in the bedrooms, which allow our residents to express their creative sides. Mid-century modern and contemporary furniture and art give our home a youthful vibe that you would expect to find in a Hollywood hills home or boutique Palm Springs hotel.

APEX’s homes have male and female bedrooms, including shared suites and private suites. Additionally, we offer the option of an executive suite, which includes separate closet spaces, individual bathrooms with dual sinks, full bathtubs, and décor that adds to the overall charm of this highly designed home. All rooms are quiet, private and offer views of the patios, courtyard or swimming pools. Clientele will also be made comfortable with full housekeeping services to ensure their stay is no different than a high-end bed and breakfast.

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