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Nutritional Cuisine

Nutritional Cuisine

APEX Rehab

The Culinary Department at APEX Rehab spansnutritional-cuisine beyond the scope of your typical gourmet meal. We provide a variety of programs that focus on nutrition, physical health, and a diet that is closely connected to integrative medicine and holistic healing.

We believe that every single meal prepared here lays the foundation for a nutritionally balanced body. Each ingredient is woven into a dish not only for taste but for the health benefit it offers. For example, when making a dish like curry the chef questions which ingredients will create the perfect dish as well as the nutritional benefits that an individual in recovery requires. An ingredient as simple as ginger is added to the curry to release a variety of healing properties, which include antioxidant effects, an ability to inhibit the formation of inflammatory compounds, and direct anti-inflammatory effects.

APEX Rehab, as a premiere alcohol and drug rehab in San Diego, is focused on local, organic, and natural foods. We source ingredients though a partnership with Farm Fresh to You delivery, which provides organic produce from its farm in Southern California. At APEX Rehab, our executive chef prepares all items from scratch from the organic house-made mint chip ice cream to the hand-crafted mango vinaigrette.

APEX Rehab has an Integrative Beverage Program as well. The essence of this program is to harness the natural healing benefits of certain beverages such as tea and coffee to aid the body in its recovery. A new blend of iced tea is made daily not only for refreshment but for the wealth of benefits different types of tea offer. Chamomile tea is brewed for its relaxing qualities enabling clients to wind down and focus on a good night’s sleep. We also offer French-pressed local and organic coffee varieties in an effort to provide our clients with the best quality Java nature has to offer, as well as to encourage the healthy benefits for the heart coffee contains.

APEX Rehab provides a nutrition program run by our experienced executive chef, who has personal training and nutrition credentials, as well as a degree in culinary arts and food science. A sample outline for the weekly class includes a comprehensive background on carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, calorie amounts in each category, healthy caloric intake guidelines for the average male/female, discussion of client’s food likes and dislikes and which are healthy choices, and providing clients with the tools/resources to make healthy dietary choices. Clients fill out a health/nutrition questionnaire, which is designed to provide clients with the tools necessary to make healthy decisions when it comes to nutrition, as well as the opportunity to nourish their body with all that it requires. The Health and Nutrition Program can take clients to the backyard, where the herb and vegetable garden stands, or to the kitchen for a healthy cooking lesson by our executive chef.

Nutritional Cuisine

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