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Treatment Coordination

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Fighting addiction is a tough proposition and we completely understand the challenge. We want to support our patients to the fullest by making the process manageable and structured. Recovery can be made simpler and that’s why APEX Rehab provides a treatment coordinator to every patient. The job of the treatment coordinator is to handle the patient’s treatment programs from the detox to extended care – they take care of administration, deal with insurance provides and generally work to ensure every patient experiences the full benefits of our programs. 

Both in our residential and outpatient alcohol and drug rehab in Tennessee, patients have an experienced and caring professional to guide them. Their coordinator builds a relationship of trust with them and supports them on the operative level of the treatment.

Our experience has shown that having a treatment coordinator in outpatient rehab in Tennessee brings various advantages to our patients. Firstly, they can depend on them to take care of the paperwork and medical coverage. This can be quite a burden off the patient’s shoulders, because they can feel intimidated by responsibility.

These professionals make sure the patient makes full use of the services and programs available at APEX Rehab. Due to their experience and a relationship with the patient, they can direct the individual through programs, coordinate therapists working together on the case and overall, provide a feeling of continuity.

The patient’s family also benefits in this situation. As partial outsiders, they need a single point of contact that can supply them with valuable insights into the outpatient rehabilitation program and the type of services provided. Treatment coordinators, or case managers as they can also be called, can serve as a liaison between the family and the therapists involved in the patient’s case. That way, their engagement is deepened and they also gain the support they need.

Treatment coordinators follow patients outside therapies and other programs and can provide helpful insights into the patient’s behavior and needs. They can collaborate with the rest of the staff to make the patient more engaged in the treatment.

On the other hand, case managers are role models for the patient, in a way. From their coordinators, patients can learn the pragmatic skills of dealing with the everyday life challenges.  

Lastly, case managers can anticipate services that will be useful next and help with the services the patients need outside APEX Rehab.

The goal of APEX Rehab is to provide an unmatched treatment quality among all the addiction treatment centers in Tennessee. We are utterly dedicated to offering an all-inclusive well-rounded care that addresses the patient’s entire existence – their body, mind and spirit. To add the final touch to our treatment offer, we provide a coordinator who ensures the patient has effortless access to the programs and benefits.   

Treatment Coordination

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