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Family & Couples Counseling Services

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Our clinicians specialize not just in individual therapies for addiction, but couples and family counseling as well. When it comes to substance abuse and addictions, these illnesses and behaviors take a toll on patients’ families, spouses and domestic partners. Our goal in family and couples counseling is to help both the patient and his or her loved ones talk through their problems, identify negative patterns that have prevented strong communication and help them define strategies to move forward, both during and after treatment.

Alcohol and substance abuse inevitably leave an impact on the user’s closest surroundings – partner or spouse, children and relatives. It’s something like a ripple effect. Addiction is never a problem limited to the individual – family issues must come before it or after it, and sometimes both.

However, even though the whole family can suffer the consequences of abuse, many agree that, in the case of adult users, the relationship with the partner takes the hardest blow. Couples torn by addiction typically report frequent fights and appear to have more problems than other couples who seek marital counseling but don’t have addiction issues.

These couples tend to get entrapped in a vicious circle – the partner’s use of alcohol or substances becomes one of the main reasons for the fight, then the partner turns to alcohol or drugs to relieve the tension and the conflict just spirals out of control.

Getting the user into treatment is the first and crucial step toward their recovery and the recovery of the family/ relationship. It often happens that the user is unwilling to enter treatment. The other partner can, in that case, seek professional help to get support. APEX Rehab can work with partners to give them information and ideas how they can motivate the partner to start alcohol or drug rehab in Tennessee.

Family and couple counseling is imperative in the recovery process. It’s rather disappointing to discover that even after the partner has stopped using, the same problems or fights await the family. Conflicts are a major relapse trigger for recovering addicts, so working on the problems with a counselor during treatment generally improves the outlook for success.

The family and couples counselor at APEX Rehab’s Family Therapy program will work with the patient and their loved ones to:

·       rebuild trust

·       improve communication

·       heal the wounds

·       enhance understanding for the other side and compassion

Professional experience suggests that families need professionals at their side to work through the built-up issues. APEX staffs counselors and therapists with extensive experience in assisting families heal and achieve renewed unity.

Family & Couples Counseling Services

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