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What Are the Different Types of Alcohol Rehab Programs?

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Do you need help getting your life back on track because of alcohol abuse?

This can feel isolating, but know you’re not alone. One in eight Americans suffers from alcoholism.

Often people try to hide the problem instead of getting help. But struggling with this illness should not leave you feeling ashamed.

Seeking help takes courage and can allow you to take your life back. Read on to learn about the different types of alcohol rehab programs to see which ones you need.

Alcohol Detox

Many alcoholics struggle to stop drinking. Alcohol is one of the most challenging and dangerous substances to quit, posing both physical and mental challenges.

It sounds confusing that you should abstain from drinking for your health, but doing so without the proper assistance could hurt you. But, drinking alcohol changes the chemistry in your body over time, and you start to depend on it literally.

Alcohol withdrawal causes significant discomfort at the very least. People may experience fatigue, sweats, shakes, nausea, body aches, and more.

The changes in the brain can lead to agitation and hallucinations. Overstimulation of the brain and nervous system during this time can lead to DT, a potentially deadly symptom.

San Diego alcohol rehabilitation centers offer detox programs. In a detox program, a medical team and staff take care of each patient to keep them comfortable and safe, using monitoring and medications.

Without dealing with major discomfort, you can battle the initial urge to drink more easily. Plus, you will have support through the entire process of detoxing the alcohol out of your system.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation

An outpatient alcohol rehab program allows you to get help while still living at your own home. In this type of program, you follow a schedule for attending treatment and spend a piece of each day at the facility.

As part of the program, you attend both private a group therapy sessions that address and treat mental illness, behaviors, and addictions. You may also receive medications from a psychiatrist to help treat your issues.

This works well for people suffering from mild alcohol addiction. People with severe addictions may also follow up inpatient treatment from rehab centers in San Diego.

Pros and Cons of Outpatient San Diego Rehab Centers

In this type of program, you can maintain your normal life for the most part. In rehab, they will encourage big changes in your life that deal with drinking both directly and indirectly, but you ultimately decide how these changes look in day-to-day life.

With regular treatment, you will begin to feel like yourself again. This assistance to stay away from alcohol will improve your physical and mental health.

On the flip side, this freedom does not do everybody good. Some people need more intensive treatment when they first begin their journey to quit drinking.

Partial Hospitalization Program

If you struggle with minor addiction to alcohol, you may not feel comfortable only using outpatient rehab. People with moderate addiction or those with young children may not want to put their entire life on hold for treatment.

A partial hospitalization treatment program offers a solution to both worries. It allows you to receive most of the care provided during inpatient treatment.

In this program, you will spend most of your day at the facility working toward creating a life of sobriety. At the end of each day, you go home.

Pros and Cons of Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization provides a middle ground where you can receive intensive treatment without relinquishing your life at home. You can check in with your family each night and sleep in your own bed.

The drawback comes when a person cannot yet control their urges at night. This program still leaves some space for relapse for those finding the transition to a sober life difficult.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Program

Inpatient alcohol treatment centers, San Diego, offer a more intensive approach to quitting drinking. With this type of program, you live in the treatment facility.

You receive all of the sessions that you would in outpatient. But this immersive approach does not start and stop.

It endures throughout the weeks or months that you remain in the program. People with moderate to severe alcohol addiction need this level of treatment.

Pros and Cons of Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

There are many positives to choosing this type of alcohol rehabilitation. It’s like doing a hard reset on your life.

Alcoholism is not only about drinking. It involves habits that you continue throughout everyday life.

Every choice you make, the people you choose to surround yourself with, and the places you go all contribute to your decision to either drink or not drink. Heavy drinkers fall into unhealthy patterns and may not even recognize them.

In rehab, you get to reset your patterns and relearn how to live a productive life. However, this requires you to give up all of your freedom and then slowly earn it back. While this may sound like a con, it is a saving grace.

You get limited interactions with friends and family during your treatment. But this sacrifice allows you to give them quality time as a healed person when you return.

Mental Health Treatment Programs

When rehab ends, you move forward with priceless tools for living a sober life. But, that does not mean you’re suddenly without the illness that led to addiction in the first place.

You lived a life before alcohol, and something in your mind caused you to invite it into your life. This something may need lifelong attention.

Healthy individuals maintain their mental health by seeking therapy when it’s needed. Some require consistent therapy and others only need maintenance every once in a while.

Choose a mental health program that meets your direct needs. Working with a therapist familiar with addiction will help you make the most of your continued treatment.

Alcohol Rehab Programs Save Lives

Do not feel bad if you cannot kick alcoholism on your own. This disease messes with the body and mind in very drastic ways.

Alcohol rehab programs offer the support needed to get healthy and succeed. Enroll in a program to begin your sober journey.

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