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What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for Addiction Treatment?

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Research shows that over 2% of the world’s population has a drug or alcohol addiction. These results also show that these addictions are more common in men.

Addiction is something that many people deal with or have a connection to someone with an addiction. That is why cognitive behavioral therapy is so important.

A partial hospitalization program can often be the right fit for those needing it to detox. This is a mental health treatment program that provides extensive care during this process.

Keep reading to find out more about a partial hospitalization program and what it includes.

What Does a Partial Hospitalization Program Mean?

A partial hospitalization program, or PHP for short, is a type of outpatient program. This program includes daily involvement in classes, therapies, and group sessions.

Many people referred to this as an intensive outpatient program. You will not be living at the facility, but you will be there on a daily basis for an extended period of time.

Activities will be scheduled every day for patients and will include complementary activities. This could be things like yoga, meditation, or art therapy.

Who Needs a Partial Hospitalization Program?

With different levels of care, it can be hard to find the right drug rehab plan for you. Every plan has specific criteria that you must meet to use that plan for your drug detox.

For PHP, you cannot be a risk to yourself or others. You will also need to be medically stable and have plenty of support at home or through your family.

You will need to have mental health or substance-abuse issues at the time. To qualify for a PHP, you will also need to be motivated to participate in daily activities.

What Does a Partial Program Include?

If you join PHP, you can usually expect your days to be full of useful activities. You will usually have group therapy, individual therapy, and useful activities planned.

Family therapy sessions may also be included in your program, depending on your needs. Lunch will be served, but you will usually be required to bring any additional food you need.

Schedules and activities will vary by facility, so you will want to see what you have planned each day. Most activities will have a strong focus on cognitive behavioral therapy and skill-building practices.

If there are any medications that you need during the day, a certified staff psychiatrist will help you with medication management.

Partial Hospitalization Program and Who Needs It

If you need it to join a drug detox program, you may not know which one is right for you. A partial hospitalization program can be a great outpatient program suitable for many patients.

Are you interested in joining a PHP to help you work through your addiction? Contact us today at APEX Recovery to see our treatment programs that you can join.

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