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Aetna Addiction Rehab Treatment Coverage in California

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is challenging. Finding the right addiction treatment center shouldn’t be. Apex Recovery is based in San Diego, California, and offers full-service inpatient and outpatient care for mental health and drug and alcohol treatment, including detoxification, rehabilitation, and relapse prevention. 

Apex Recovery accepts health insurance and may accept your Aetna health insurance policy to pay for mental health or substance use disorder treatment. You can easily determine if your Aetna policy covers rehab at Apex Recovery by calling us at (877) 881-2689. Our admission specialist can verify your insurance coverage and determine if your policy requires prior authorization before your rehab admission.

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Exploring San Diego, California, and Its Famous Towns

The Southern California area is geographically smaller than Northern California but has a higher population. The two largest cities in Southern California are San Diego and Los Angeles, which between them boasts over 5.4 million people. San Diego is the second most populous city in the state and the eighth in the nation. 

Fruits and vegetables are staples in the area and avocados are big business. Anaheim is just outside Los Angeles and home to Disneyland Resort and pro sports teams like the Anaheim Ducks hockey team and the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. Riverside is roughly 50 miles east of Los Angeles and was the location of the first orange trees planted in 1871. Three Brazilian orange trees were received in 1874 and one stands to this day at the intersection of Magnolia and Arlington Avenue inside a protective fence.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Statistics in Southern California

California experiences widespread and growing substance use and abuse, and according to the California Healthcare Foundation, nearly half of all people over age 12 have used alcohol in the past month and 20% used marijuana in the past year. Roughly 4.8% of all adults had at least one major depressive episode

In response to the growing problem, there was a 60% increase in the number of treatment facilities that offered residential care for substance use disorders between 2017 and 2019. In the San Diego area, each year an average of 426,000 people have used at least one illicit drug, and roughly 323,000 were classified with a substance use disorder.

Free Addiction Assessment

Schedule a free, confidential assessment with a licensed clinician. Apex Recovery can check your insurance coverage levels for drug and alcohol addiction, and mental health treatment.

Who is Aetna?

aetna logo

Aetna Insurance Company is a CVSHealth Company with a 170-year history. Aetna was formed in the 1800s and named after an 11,000-foot volcano on the Eastern shores of Sicily. By the 1940s it was the first to be advertised on television and in the 1960s they paid the first Medicare claim in the country. 

In 2003 they were the first full-service health insurer to offer a health savings account option and in the same year committed more than $3 million to improve healthcare access and delivery. There are an estimated 39 million people who are insured by one of the Aetna policies. Aetna’s health plans include medical, dental, and drug policies alongside Medicare and Medicaid managed services, behavioral health plans, and medical management products. Aetna’s companies include ActiveHealth Management, Cofinity, Meritain Health, and bswift.

Some of Aetna Brands and Services in California

Not all Aetna brands and services are available in San Diego. In California, the California Life and Health Insurance Guarantee Association regulates and licenses companies that sell life and health insurance, and annuities. Insurance companies must first meet the criteria to offer insurance policies within a county.

  • Managed Care for Medi-Cal: The service administers Medi-Cal policies and provides beneficiaries with a network of approved healthcare providers. This managed care option provides managed care services for those on California Medicaid and Medicare.

  • Aetna Better Health of California: This is another managed care product for those on Medicaid.

  • Aetna PPO Network: There are three preferred provider networks in Southern California supported by Aetna including the Aetna Open Access® Managed Choice® network, Aetna Whole Health, and the Savings Plus network. 

  • Aetna HMO Network: Aetna has five health maintenance organizations (HMOs) in Southern California, including the HMO Network, HMO deductible network, Aetna Value Network, HMO Basic network, and  Aetna Whole Health — Southern California HMO network. 

  • AetnaCVSHealth: This brand is not yet offered in San Diego County but is in other areas of California.

What is Aetna Rehab Coverage?

Rehab coverage is the part of your health insurance that pays for mental health and substance use disorder treatment at a rehabilitation facility or on an outpatient basis. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act mandated that all health insurance policies offer coverage for essential healthcare services. They defined those as including mental health and substance use disorder treatment. 

However, not all Aetna policies have the same benefits and limitations. The easiest way to understand the benefits and limits of your Aetna rehab care policy is to call Apex Recovery at (619) 458-3435. Our admission specialists can verify your insurance coverage and determine if additional documentation is needed before treatment can begin.

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Map of Apex Recovery locations in San Diego

Rehab Center in California That Takes Aetna

Apex Recovery is one of the few rehab centers in Southern California that is accredited for five levels of substance abuse treatment. The state license facility is built around evidence-based treatment and holistic practices custom-designed to your needs. Apex Recovery is among the rehab centers that take Aetna in Southern California.

Apex Recovery San Diego: 2810 Camino del Rio S #106
San Diego, CA 92108



Does Aetna Cover Substance Addiction Rehab in California?

Yes, some of the policies cover substance addiction rehab. This is part of the essential healthcare services mandated by the Affordable Care Act for any health insurance policy written after 2010. Substance addiction rehab helps to cover treatments that support sobriety, including mental health treatment, therapy, behavioral health, and therapeutic strategies such as motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

The licensed mental health professionals at Apex Recovery offer an evidence-based and holistic approach to substance addiction rehabilitation. The admission specialists at Apex Recovery can help verify your insurance coverage and determine the level of coverage your Aetna policy offers for substance addiction rehab.

Does Aetna Cover Medical Detox in San Diego?

Yes, most Aetna insurance policies cover medication detoxification for those who have a substance use disorder or addiction. Detoxification is the first step towards sobriety and sustainable recovery in a residential or inpatient care facility. You can verify your Aetna coverage and get an estimate of your out-of-pocket costs by calling Apex Recovery at (877) 881-2689.

Does Aetna Cover Residential Rehab?

Your Aetna health insurance policy may cover residential rehabilitation. This is outlined within the policy’s benefits and limitations. While your insurance company offers a customer service phone number to help check your insurance coverage, Apex Recovery treatment center can do this quickly and easily for you, as well as determine if additional documentation is required for treatment.

Does Aetna Cover Dual Diagnosis Treatment in CA?

Aetna’s health insurance policies that offer mental health and substance use disorder treatment also cover dual diagnosis treatment. A dual diagnosis is not a medical diagnosis but rather a description of an individual who has a substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health condition. Commonly, these mental health conditions include an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Free Addiction Assessment

Schedule a free, confidential assessment with a licensed clinician. Apex Recovery can check your insurance coverage levels for drug and alcohol addiction, and mental health treatment.

Average Cost of Addiction Rehab in California With Aetna Insurance?

The average cost of addiction treatment in California for people with Aetna insurance varies depending on several factors. The first factor that influences your out-of-pocket cost is the intensity of your customized treatment plan. In other words, individuals undergoing an inpatient rehab stay will have higher costs than those in an intensive outpatient

While the financial cost can be challenging, the overall cost without addiction treatment is overwhelming. The second factor to influence your out-of-pocket cost is your Aetna insurance premiums, deductible, and copay. Your insurance policy begins paying only after you have met your deductible. Your copay can be influenced by whether Apex Recovery is in-network or out-of-network for your Aetna health insurance policy.

Blue Shield of CA Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Other Rehab Treatment Programs Covered by Aetna in CA

When you need more than once-a-week therapy, Apex Recovery offers several options that can meet your needs. Rehabilitation treatment is best provided in a highly structured environment that offers a customized treatment plan utilizing licensed mental health professionals. The following are some of the programs that an Aetna policy may cover.

How To Check Aetna Coverage Levels for Rehab Treatment

The easiest way to check your level of coverage on your Aetna health insurance policy for rehabilitation treatment is to call Apex Recovery at (877) 881-2689 or contact us online. Our admission specialist will verify your insurance coverage and determine the type of documentation your policy requires to cover rehabilitation treatment.

Additionally, the admission specialist can help estimate your out-of-pocket cost for your initial treatment. Your recovery journey may begin with an inpatient stay and graduate to a partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program. It can be difficult to estimate how long your inpatient program will last and the extent of your outpatient program.

How To Get Aetna To Pay For Rehab Treatment

The best way to receive Aetna alcohol rehab or Aetna drug rehab coverage is to follow the insurance policy’s requirements for treatment and to submit claims. Navigating the insurance industry can be challenging. It might be necessary to meet the policy requirements, but you have help at Apex Recovery.

Call our admission specialist today at (877) 881-2689. They will verify your insurance policy and determine the process required to submit a claim with the necessary documentation from your primary care physician and mental health providers. The best way to receive your full benefits under your Aetna health insurance policy is to understand their requirements and follow them.

How Many Times Will Aetna of California Pay For Rehab?

The number of times that a California Aetna health insurance policy will pay for rehabilitation is determined by the policy’s benefits and limits. Not all Aetna plans offer the same level of coverage. Insurance policies are written based on the liability and risk that the company is taking on the insured person.

To receive the full benefits of your health insurance policy, it’s important to understand your benefits and limitations, as well as requirements for submission of claims. When you contact Apex Recovery, our admission specialist will verify your coverage and can determine the answers to other questions you might have, such as how much is rehab with Aetna insurance? Or does Aetna cover rehab?

Addiction Statistics in San Diego, California

  • There is widespread substance use in California. According to the California Health Care Foundation, half of all people living in California over age 12 had used alcohol in the past month and 20% used marijuana in the past year.
  • In the San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos area, annually an average of 426,000 people aged 12 and older used at least one illicit drug in the last year.
  • The rate of marijuana use was 11.1% and the rate of nonmedical pain drugs was 5.3%. Roughly 323,000 people 12 and older were classified with a substance use disorder, which was higher than the average measured across the country.
  • Roughly 4.8% or 120,000 adults in the San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos area, had at least one major depressive episode, which was significantly lower than the national rate of 6.6%.
  • Approximately 17% of people aged 12 and older in the San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos area, smoked cigarettes in the past month and 24.3% participated in binge alcohol use.
  • In response to the growing problem, the number of treatment facilities that offered residential care for substance use grew by 68% between 2017 and 2019.
Aetna Addiction Rehab Treatment
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