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Meditation Therapy

APEX Rehab

It’s our belief that exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body. That’s why daily meditation is a part of our holistic addiction treatment. Whether guided by one of our therapists, joining in on group meditation or meditating solo, we provide a calming, beautiful environment in which to clear the mind. As part of our integrative treatment programs, meditation reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and helps patients focus more clearly on their end goal: recovery.

Daily meditation is useful in all stages of recovery. During rehab, it can improve the patient’s clarity of mind and give them more control over their emotions. Early rehab is a sensitive time, when the body and the mind alike are struggling to get used to a life without alcohol or substances. For physiological and psychological reasons, the thoughts and emotions of a patient can feel as if they were on a roller-coaster.

Meditation is about mindfulness. That means directing one’s attention to their body and mind in the present moment. It is about being aware of and paying attention to one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions in an accepting, non-judgmental way. That is a new skill for a recovering addict for two reasons – addiction is for the most part a method of running away from one’s body and mind and secondly, addicts have to learn to accept what they think and feel.

APEX Rehab is one of the addiction treatment centers in San Diego that boasts beautiful surroundings filled with fresh air and lush greenery which promote meditation. Our meditation experts will guide every patient and provide ample opportunity to experience the gamut of benefits offered by meditation.

Meditation is part of holistic healing. First off, the breathing aspect raises the level of oxygen in the body, which is good for the immune system and the heart. It also causes the blood pressure to drop, which is important for former cocaine users, for example, whose addiction is very likely to cause heart issues.

Individuals who are going through a rehab for abusing prescription medication could greatly benefit from meditation in the way that they can learn how to manage pain effectively without substances.

Meditation also teaches concentrating on the signals our body and mind are sending us, which is an important skill that guards against giving in to cravings. What is also helpful is that it teaches how to manage stress.

All these skills have been found to contribute positively to how the recovering addict deals with life challenges and those specific to their recovery, but some also report that meditation helps them function better in relationships and the community.

Meditation Therapy

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